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PHP developer blogs to read

The internet is full of good and bad content, not just when it comes to PHP. Here is a list of the PHP related blogs that I consider most interesting.

Stefan Esser

‘A Blog About Code, Information Security, PHP And More’. Stefan is in part responsible for the Suhosin patches and the extension of the Hardened PHP project. Not the most loved person in the PHP community, but if you are serious about the security of your web sites, give his blog a good read.

Chris Shiflett

‘PHP and web application security’ by Chris Shiflett. Another highly informative blog mainly about the security of PHP code.

Terry Chay

Terry Chay, php hero, terrorist or bully? Sometimes his message gets lost in the stark delivery, but speaks his mind when he believes others are wrong. Has strong opinions on code, coders, frameworks and all things programming.

Paul M Jones

Paul is the creator and maintainer of the Solar PHP framework plus other projects. Not a frequent poster, but a good read regarding frameworks, coding style etc.

Derick Rethans

Derick is responsible for a number of projects including the Xdebug extension. Again, not a frequent poster, but informative when he does.

Pádraic Brady

Pádraic concentrates mainly on the Zend Framework, but still has plenty on application architecture.


  1. Ben French

    I love the stuff from tchay. He gives it to those RoR fanboys who are so far up themselves.

  2. Peter

    What, no links?

    • Ernie Leseberg

      There is a link from the bloggers name, not the headings. I will try and make these clearer.

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