I made the trip this morning to Sydney Olympic Park to pick up my accreditation for the World Masters Games. A reasonably quick process though by the time I left the lines had lengthened considerably, and I am told there was a significant waiting time yesterday evening.

So what is in the goody bag (back pack)? The expected guide to Sydney, a guide to the games and some of the social events planned around the WMG. Interesting the bag contained a tube of toothpaste. Where is the toothbrush??

There has been some minor adjustment to my competition schedule with the 100m heats now on 12:12 this Sunday. The check in times are interesting. For an scheduled event before midday, check in is the previous day, or Tuesday for Thursday events (Wednesday is a rest day). After midday then check in is 2 hours prior. A call room is operating and the time is 25 minutes prior for most track events.
Competition is a bit of an unknown, as of the almost 30 Australians listed for the 100m, I only recognise about 5 names, and there are half a dozen from overseas.

The weather in Sydney has not improved. Still very windy and cooler than expected this time of year. Expected to improve from Saturday according to forecasts.

Let’s see what happens on Sunday.