I was a little disappointed after reading this book. I am a fan of Mike Gunderloy’s writing style (print & web), but I feel this book wasn’t quite honest. Yes there is plenty of great info for those new to programming or with limited experience, but the book is very C#/.NET centric. Anyone who doesn’t use C# may feel a bit ripped off. All code examples are in C# and many of the tools mentioned are relevant to .NET only. A number of sections are very helicopter in view, with links to relevant in depth information that can be found elsewhere. For example, patterns get just 2 pages. Those with limited programming experience (possibly self taught), or coming from non object orientated or 4GL environments will get the most out of this book, others will find it a light read.

Readability 4 from 5
Subject Depth 3 from 5

Title Coder To Developer
Year 2004
Author Mike Gunderloy
Publisher Sybex
Pages 352