So after attending the Scrum Master training with AxisAgile, as part of the package you are nominated to Scrum Alliance and may then take the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) exam.

Strike while the iron is hot, so once the login details were received I took the exam that night. Given the great course and my prior practical experience with plenty of reading, I was pretty confident. The fact the exam is online, untimed and multiple choice makes it less daunting than the last time I took an exam, many years ago.

Short story is yes I passed and am now a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM). Not quite a perfect score from the 35 questions, but close enough. The exam was much as I expected. In most questionsm of the 4 potentials 1 or 2 are generally obviously wrong, and often the correct answer id the nost correct of those remaining.

For those from a more traditional development background, watch out for phrases like ‘project manager’ which is not a defined role in Scrum. Understand who are the participants in scrum, like the development team, ScrumMaster and Product Owner. Get a good grasp on the various scrum gatherings like daily standup, planning and retrospectives. Finally the artifacts like the backlog (product and sprint) and the burn down chart.