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Jigoshop v1.0 beware

Jigoshop recently released v1.0 of their WordPress e-commerce plugin. Beware the upgrade from the existing version is far from smooth. This was found out the hard way when a client updated their site. Tax calculations, featured products shortcode and products out of stock are just some of the errors encountered.

There are fixes in the support forum, but I would suggest waiting for v1.01 at a minimum.


  1. Dan Thornton

    Hi Ernie,
    Many apologies that you’ve encountered problems with your client site – we did test Jigoshop V1.0 both internally and as a beta release, but dealing with over 50,000 downloads now there’s a lot of variations in server setup, themes, and customisation around.

    The good news is that V1.1 should be released later today (Feb 13th), and the issues you’ve listed are all being taken care of in this release.

    We’d also encourage anyone running a store or particularly producing extensions or client sites to get in touch and be included on the beta testing list to get earlier access and be able to check pre-release versions to minimise problems and also help us to iron out any issues before launch. Please do send me an email to be added to the list as we’re improving our beta testing plans for any future releases…

  2. Bill Bob

    I’m getting the problem of ‘Out of Stock’ even though I have a price and affiliate link set up. I didn’t upgrade, as this is my first install.

    • Ernie Leseberg

      Sorry but I no longer use Jigoshop on any site. I would really recommend looking for alternatives to jigoshop.

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