The Resistance by Muse album coverRight now i am listening to the new album ‘The Resistance’ by Muse. I willingly admit to be a big fan of Muse, and can clearly remember the first times I heard Showbiz and Absolution. Not to say their other albums are not great, but these two both blew me away. So how does The Resistance compare?

This is a grandiose, ambitious and over to the top album, but not in a bad way. In the Muse way, very theatrical and uplifting. I couldn’t imagine anyone listening not to have a strong opinion, and mine is very positive. Maybe not as initially mind blowing as Showbiz, but I would recommend everyone give it a listen. I know I will listen many times in the weeks and months to come. Some thoughts while listening: a quiet piano recital, Doctor Who, Queen and ‘I want the truth’.