I have often seen the offer of free or cheap business cards from Vistprint, but never given it serious thought. For my business cards I have used local suppliers where I know the quality of card I will get.
Recently my wife has been dipping her toes into running an events flower business with a few weddings already under her belt. For the time being it will be a side project, but hopefully a full time business in by the end of year or so. This means she has not decided on a business name or structure, and obviously has not got any logo or branding. But now she has been asked for a business card on a couple of occasions.

Rather than spend good money on cards and a look that might well be out of date within 6 months, I suggested we get some generic cards and vistaprint came to mind. 250 premium business cards cost $2.50 Australian plus postage of just over $10 for the slower delivery. There are plenty of generic designs to choose from and my wife happily selected one, and completed her relevant details. Like ordering domains from GoDaddy, Vistaprint is constantly suggesting numerous upgrades and complimentary purchases during the ordering process. Sucker them in cheap, and sell them everything else. Somehow we managed to resist.
Delivery was expected at up to 21 days, but surprisingly the cards arrived within 7 days. Obviously I did not expect locally printed cards, but did not expect them to have come from Belgium, which they did.
So the big questions. How are the cards? For the cost, they are great value. Not quite of a professional standard, but I have come across worse cards. Just a little on the flimsy side. Would we use them again? Maybe. For a short term card yes. I would need to look further into their upgrades, to see if they still had value, for my next set of professional cards.
Anyone else had experience with Vistaprint?