Week 32 – Summary.

  • Rest, recovery and getting ready for the next training block
  • I have a training plan focussed on the 200 & 400m with competition at the Oceania Masters Challenge in Mackay to be held early June 9 – 11

Resting HR (week avg): 56

Weight: 91.0 kg (+1.0)

Sleep: > 6.5 hours on 3 of 7 nights

Track sessions: 1 / 0

April 4

Rest day

April 5

Rest day

April 6

Massage. Tight in the calves and hip flexors. Hamstrings and quads in good shape.

April 7

Visited an exercise physiologist. My goal is to make myself more resistant to injury rather than radical transformation.

Went through a few tests of standing, walking and balancing. A number of things were noticed. Feet not doing a lot, but especially the left. Hips are very tight and very little internal rotation. I stand and walk like I am protecting my left shoulder (which is likely related to a broken left collarbone at 17 that set in a strange way). 

The process for now is a series of foot strengthening exercises and a number of movements to get some mobility in my hips.

April 8

Rest day

April 9

Rest day

April 10

Technically a day early to return to training, but it has been a week of bad eating and the legs have gone from sore to fidgety, so did a very light session.

Adcock. Track very soft. Lane 4 mostly usable. 

Tempo. Deliberately slower. 3 * 200. 37.1, 38.5😨, 37.8.